Peer Review Process

1-The paper is first revised to see whether it is in the scope of the journal (1-Parasitology, 2-Arthropod-borne infectious diseases, 3- Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 4- infection control and related subjects).

2- Papers referred to Politics or Religions in one way or another are complete refused

3- Sent to a referee for English language editing

4- Sent to Peer reviewer the Egyptian reviewer is allowed to reply with ten days by email, which from abroad is allowed a maximum of 2 weeks.

5- The paper is re-sent to the corresponding author to revise the reviewer's comments.

6-Authors are not allowed contacting to the Printing office at all for adding and deleting anything

7- The paper is then put in the form of the journal and re-sent to the corresponding authors as PDF for being sent to the printing Office