Guide for Authors

Instructions for manuscripts preparation: Paper should be sent in typewritten, on one side of the paper (page size 2Ix29.7 cm, A4, Times New Roman, font 12, and tables on a separate file), all on a CD-R., or by E: mail. Papers should be as concise as possible and provided with a brief abstract (only a very short summary of your own results), keywords and a brief conclusion.

Illustrations: (photographs, line drawings, graphs and tables) should be kept to the minimum. Details of results presented in this way should not be repeated by anyhow in the text. Original colored plates (12x I 8 cm) can be included only at the author's expense. Line drawings, maps, graphs and tables should be the approximately final size. Pronouns such as 1, my, we, our, should not be used and my or our results should be replaced by in the present study or results. Discussion must be for your own results in relation to others and not in any way, a review of literature or aim of the work.

References: References should be listed at the end of the paper and arranged in an alphabetical order of authors, including (i) the author or authors' names and initials, (ii) year of publication, (iii) full title of paper, (iv) Journal's title, (v) volume number, (vi) issue number, (vii) first and last page numbers. Titles of journals cited are to be abbreviated as in the World List of Scientific Periodicals, 4th edition, 1964. The M.Sc. or Ph.D. thesis is not accepted at-all as a reference. The abbreviations through-out the text and tables should conform to the Standard International Units as far as possible.

Letters: to the Editor should be as possible not to exceed 400 words, graphs and illustrations will not be accepted and references must be kept to a minimum.

Authors: (except letters to the editor) will be supplied with 50 covered reprints free of charge and requests for additional reprints at the author's expense should be sent to the Secretary-General together with the manuscript.

Abstracts: journal is abstracted in Helminthological Abstracts, Series A, Protozoological Abstracts (Commonwealth Institute of Parasitology), Veterinary Bulletin and Index Veterinarians (Commonwealth Bureau of Animal Health), TDB, Review of Applied Entomology, Quarterly Bibliography of Major Tropical Diseases, US Medline database (Index Medicus ISSN: 0253-5890) the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region Index Medicus ( Imemr.htm) and Encyclopedia ( wiki/Hirsch_ number